Lockdown special: Rent a chef!

Down to earth

If we can’t cook for you in our restaurant, we can cook for you at your own home! You can book one of our chefs for your special evening.

Rent a chef!
Food & drinks matched for a proper dinner.
We follow the COVID regulations. So at this moment it is only possible to book 1 chef for your household. The chef will be your one guest of the day, and what a guest he is!
Send your wishes to us and make a booking to get our chef. You don’t need a high end kitchen.
Service available from a 4 course dinner a 110,- EUR per guest without drinks and 150,- EUR including nice bottles of wine. Full service price will be communicated about email.

Sustainable restaurant

Fish, meat & vegetable

Since 2015 we (family Van de Leur) cook culinary on Big Green Egg. Restaurant Van de Leur is a sustainable, innovative and diverse ‘BBQ’ restaurant with two branches; one in the Prinsesstaat in the centre of The Hague and one on the Eendrachtsweg (near the Witte de Withstraat) in the centre of Rotterdam.

We serve a fresh surprise menu daily – from 4 to 7 courses – with different tasting dishes. It is up to you whether our surprise menu consists of meat, fish or vegetable dishes.

The Hague

Down to earth

Under the culinary direction of Chef Robert Lobensteijn, the surprise menu with tasting rights is prepared in the centre of The Hague – the Prinsestraat. Robert has been a chef with our family since 2015 and loves playing with fire on Big Green Egg in our sustainable restaurant.

Book a table in The Hague
Group table up to 8 people with 1.5 meters of space between persons
Hospitality during COVID-19: safe and still fun. There is also a gigantic air ventilation. It is possible to dine at the same table with two different households at 1.5m (discuss this in advance),.
Award-winning cocktail bar
Averagely rated with an 8.9+ (Fork, 170+ reviews)
Renewed & cosy terrace for dinner and drinks


Innovation / Fermentation

Bartlomiej Nowak has worked as a chef throughout the world and was inspired through different cultures. Unknown herbs, traditional or innovative methods can be experienced in the centre of Rotterdam in the cosy Eendrachtsweg at the Witte de Withstraat. Sustainable restaurant with an innovative surprise menu (with tasting dishes).

Book a table in Rotterdam
Hospitality during COVID-19: safe and still fun. There is also a gigantic air ventilation.
Rated on average with a 9.3+ (Fork, 560+ reviews)
Courtyard garden with terrace (timely reservations)

Bricks “Hooch & Brew” The Hague

Best new cocktail bar 2019

At the end of 2019, elected by Esquire for “Best New Cocktail Bar of The Netherlands”. The bar of Restaurant Van de Leur has quickly become the Cocktail Hotspot of The Hague. Experience the special cocktails of the creative mixologists together with the cuisine of Van de Leur.

Online bookings
Extensive menu and tailor made cocktails.
Cosy terrace in the middle of The Hague
Drinks menu & Workshops


COVID-19 & Van de Leur: Ready for a safe restaurant visit

Van de Leur guarantees a pleasant and safe evening. We still make it cosy and above all safe within the COVID measures. Both locations have an over-insized air system that guarantees healthy air due to the Big Green Egg.

We hope that the situation in the Netherlands will soon allow it to open again and continue to receive you.

See you soon!

Joëlle and Pim van de Leur

Big Green Egg Professional

For all Big Green Eggs and supplies. Soon also for professional Big Green Egg catering on location!

Van de Leur now also has its own store for all Big Green Egg products and advice. When you buy a Big Green Egg, you get a workshop or dinner at Van de Leur for free.

Big Green Egg Professional

We work with a tasting menu with only fresh ingredients. Do you have allergies or dietary requirements? Then let this know in advance by phone or via the reservation.

The surprise menu consists of special tasting courses from the Big Green Egg. The menu is available both completely vegetable and consisting of fish and meat. You can of course indicate your dietary requirements so that a combination or adjustment can be made.

There is always a daily fresh 4 to 7 course menu available.

4 or 7 courses chefs surprise menu (tasting dishes)

Four courses


Five courses


Six courses


Seven courses


Restaurant Van de Leur offers a relaxed and flexible beverage arrangement. The host offers each course the option to serve a suitable glass of wine, beer or cocktail. Feel free to skip a drink or take a break with a soda.

Pairing arrangement (price per course)

Whole glass of wine


Half glass of wine


Specialty beer

€4.50 - €8,-



Beverage menu options

Wines by bottle


Starting price

Wines by the glass


Starting price

Specialty beers


Starting price



Starting price
Sustainable water arrangement

Still / Sparkling p.p.


By using a Purezza system we offer healthy and delicious water. At the same time, we save thousands of kilos of waste every year and needless transport of packaged water. The water arrangement will be replenished without extra cost.
Bricks Food (The Hague only) – From 3.00pm

Van de Leur Course (1)


Possible from 5 p.m. Meat, fish or veg. From the Big Green Egg.






3 pieces with soy, sesame, seaweed and ginger.

BGE Shrimp


5 pieces with garlic oil, pepper and parsley.

Bricks Bites for four


Mixed bites for four

Bricks Bites for two


Mixed bites for 2



Three types of charcuterie from our butcher

Freshly baked bread


With olive oil and butter



Dried Spanish sausage

Cheese platter


Three different cheeses

Cocktail from the menu


Starting price

Tailormade Cocktail


Describe your taste and preference to the mixologist. Starting price.



Fun without alcohol
Workshops only available in The Hague @ Bricks. Learn from the best! An outing with your colleagues or friends. From 8 participants. Inform about availability through: bricks@restaurantvandeleur.nl

Workshop per person


2 hours cocktail workshop from the prize winners. Available from 8 people. Learn to make good cocktails together.


Are you strengthening our cozy team?


  • (Floor) manager with experience (full-time)
  • Employee service/service with experience (full-time)

The Hague

  • Open applications welcome

Van de Leur The Hague

Tuesday – Wednesday: 5 p.m.
Thursday – Sunday: 2 p.m.
Prinsestraat 5a-7 The Hague

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Bricks “Hooch & Brew” The Hague

Tuesday – Wednesday: 5 p.m.
Thursday – Sunday: 2 p.m.
Prinsestraat 5a-7 The Hague

Van de Leur Rotterdam

Monday – Sunday: 5 p.m.

Eendrachtsweg 27BSO – Rotterdam

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